My name is Eletta and I must be perfect for every occasion: manicure, shampoo, hair cut and styling are my daily habits. Not to mention the travelling that even takes me abroad. But the satisfaction I receive at every beauty contest makes it worthwhile.
I could continue purring for hours when my mother Annalisa’s hand lightly strokes my coat. I completely abandon myself in her arms. Contrary to what people might say, a model’s job is hard work that requires muscles of steel and a perfect body. Just like mine!
I have inherited this passion from my parents and I have the given it to my children, to whom I teach elegance and noble bearing.
My partner, Rawaki, couldn’t be less than a famous top model: with a dark fur and dark eyes and with a noble descent. I on the other hand am blond and blue eyed. Our family is in other words a family for magazine covers. The love for the reflectors, catwalks and photographic sets does not however fill my days. I adore some relax, climbing and furry mail cats. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than some cuddling.
It is indeed her, with a love for Persians since she was a child, who has raised me, cared for me and assisted me while giving birth to my kittens. Her full time devotion to my family is so big that she has even founded a real Persian cat breeding: “L’Occhio di Ra”.



Cattery of Persian cats

Recognized by the Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana (ANFI)

and by the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe)

Annalisa Grigolo
Marghera - Venezia
Cell.: +39 349/0737420
+39 347/9812609