Hi, I'm Annalisa.
Since I was a little girl I’ve had a strong attraction towards animals, purebred or not.
Growing up though I started to observe cats more carefully. These magnificent felines, enigmatic, alert but discrete observers, did immediately conquer my heart. They are extremely intelligent animals able to create a connection with people through their particular sensibility, to understand the person’s mood and dedicate their complete affection to him or her.
Caressing them we feel better, why? Because doing so endorphins that act positively on our mind are freed, especially when we feel a bit down. The principals of the Pet Therapy are based on these believes.
Having said this, I’ve been literarily enchanted by their mystery and by their charm. Nowadays, as a passion, I breed Persian cats of high genealogy. How can one not fall in love with this felines? They move with an extraordinary elegance, their coat seems to fluctuate in the air and then lean back slowly onto their bodies with every step they take. I lovely these animals unconditionally and I spend my entire days taking care of them.
I also put a lot of effort to choose the name of the breeding “L’Occhio di Ra”.- the Eye of Ra. Cats where considered sacred in the ancient Egypt and temples, poetry and invocations were dedicated to them and their mortal remains where mummified.
Ra was the Sun God of Eliopoli in the ancient Egypt. Emerged from the primordial waters of Nun brought by the horns of the celestial cow, the Godess Mehetueret.
According to the legend, the Egyptian Sun God Ra crossed the underworld every night and then rose gloriously from the dead at dawn.
Ra is frequently represented symbolically by an eye (the Eye of Ra).
He was the one who created mankind and was the first Pharaoh, establishing the Egyptian customs. From the twelfth dynasty onwards, he was united with the Theban God Amon, until he become one of the most important divinities of the Egyptian pantheon named Amon-Ra. He remained the supreme God for centuries.
Ra’ s daughter, Bastet, is sometimes symbolized by a cat that protects Ra from the snake Apep.
She seduces and spellbinds. In her we can find the solar male and the lunar female; the evident illuminating strength and the independent, mysterious, secret, feminine, lunar power. Bastet was the goddess of love, joy, pleasure, dancing and singing and protector to the animals most sacred to her, the cats, but also to whom embodied these independent aspects of mysterious charm, fragility and beauty.
L’ichnography of the eye became the symbol of light, rebirth and completeness. The same values that our breeding represents, in the research of the perfection of breeds.



Cattery of Persian cats

Recognized by the Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana (ANFI)

and by the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe)

Annalisa Grigolo
Marghera - Venezia
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